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Love Goddess Love

Empowering Events for Women


Who We Are

4 women who's life purpose is to host Empowering events for Women to heal while being seen, heard, and loved!

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Circle alter, flowers and candles
Utah Women retreat, Utah goddess retreat

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“When one woman heals she doesn't just heal herself, rather she heals the large whole"

Rebecca Campbell

Amanda Wright_edited.png

Amanda W. 

I can't tell you enough how much these circles have helped me on my path in life. there is something so special about being vulnerable with a group of amazing goddesses. Every woman is a goddess and every woman deserves to be at one of these circles!!

Felicia Marie_edited.png

Felicia M.

If you've been searching for a group of women who are like minded, passionate, vulnerable, and authentic - then this circle is for you! I have been in a place of shutting myself off to connecting with likened women because of my wounded feminine. Since healing thus and allowing the feminine to rise, I asked the universe to bring this connection to me and once I experienced the Soul Connection Workshop, I knew in my heart that these women were for me! definitely check out this circle, it was the most amazing night I've had in a long time! thank you all!

Nia Lui_edited.png

Nia L.

I absolutely loved my experience. I know it sounds dramatic, but it was honestly life changing for me. If you are looking to connect with other women on a deep emotional level, then this is for you. I have never felt so much love and support from a group of women before.

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