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About Us

Love Goddess Love is a healing Goddess community where we host Goddess circles, workshops, and retreats. We are professionals at creating events that leave women feeling more empowered, connected, and loved.


L.G.L. is founded by four women; Angel Rico, Britney Jessup, Kimberly Rico & Sarahly Avilez in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


We discovered the magic that happens when women unite with purpose, intention, & authenticity. This life-changing discovery sent us down a path where we are now honored to share & teach this magical practice with the world. 


Our Story

Our circles began small amongst the four of us. As word spread about our gatherings, the more women began joining us!


Then the year 2020 brought global disconnection. Disconnection from each other, our communities, our Mother Earth, and deep disconnect within ourselves.


Women deserved authentic connection now more than ever. We knew it was time for women to come together with love to heal, share truth, pass on wisdom and remember that women have done this for thousands of years.


While it seemed like the world was falling apart, we had each other. Love Goddess Love was born as our solution to serving and spreading the ancient art of women circles. 


We felt the call to serve & unite and our intuition is leading the way. Today, hundreds of women have now joined us in circle! 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring back the power of the divine feminine and make women circles the norm- worldwide.


Our vision is to have sisters, friends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and everyone who identifies as She/Her/They/Them, gathering together to lead this New Earth, during this beautiful time of awakening. 

So, if you feel the call, that inner feeling, inner knowing, inner longing for a place to feel like you are home, trust that. That’s your intuition telling you that you know you belong to a tribe of Goddesses who are here to love, empower, and inspire you to be the GODDESS that you are!

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