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Goddess Circles

Our Circles are a safe space and sacred container for women of all ages to share, learn, grow, and create authentic connections. They provide healing, a sense of belonging, and true sisterhood. 

By the end of the Circle, you will leave feeling honored, supported, and empowered as the Goddess that you truly are! 


What Circles Are All About

At every Goddess Circle we have a theme that the circle surrounds for that month.

We start off by going through our Circle Agreements, Introductions, and the flow of the circle.

The Flow of the Circle: 

Opening - The opening is a grounding process for the experience you are about to have.

This may be a meditation, breath-work, or journaling. 

Council Sharing - The Counsel Sharing is an opportunity for you to share. 

We provide guided prompts or you may share anything that is coming up for you in the moment.

Nobody is obligated to share, we are here to support you in your journey and always honor your choice.

Activity - The activity is a way to integrate the theme through reflection, commitment, connection, pleasure, and/or play.

Some examples are writing a self love contract, an Angel card reading, or a guided movement practice. 

Closing - The Closing is where you will anchor in your experience and bring the circle to completion.

You let go of what no longer serves and receive all the love and support.

This may be an affirmation we say together or a release process.  


What can you expect from your first circle?

You will receive unconditional love, support, and connection from everyone there.

You will feel seen, heard, & empowered. 

Our circles are for you to find your own answers while also hearing what other Goddesses have to share. It's a perfect opportunity to reflect on how we are all mirrors of each other and to see how connected we truly are.

As women, we are meant to embody the Divine Feminine within us while balancing our Divine Masculine. We are here to lift each other up and cheer each other on where ever we are at on our journey. 

Let’s create the sacred sisterhood that we have always dreamt of having.

Come share your love and receive it back 10x more!


When women circle together we are fierce, powerful, and force like no other! 

Kailey Kelly_edited.png

Kailey K.

It’s always such a beautiful experience going and being with these lovely goddesses. you have a space where you can be completely yourself and feel absolutely safe. you can open up or just be a listening ear, it’s all filled with love. that’s the most amazing part i can feel the vibration in the air of all the love and light these women have and share. i feel very safe. plus it’s different every time with a new theme each month it makes it so exciting and so fun. i have made many friends and i know i’ll just keep making more. i love the circles, i love the women, such a magical experience i think everyone should go and enjoy!!

Jenny Gomez_edited.png

Jenny G.

Attended my very first circle last night with my best friend, and I loved the energy and the welcoming environment it was! It really was an amazing experience I left the circle feeling like a brand new person and I can’t wait to attend another one soon! I recommend this 100000000000%. Totally judgement free come as your true authentic self and feel the acceptance you receive! Such a beautiful experience all around!


Sia S.

I first started attending these beautiful goddess circles because I was craving connection with like-minded women, that Divine Feminine energy. I don't remember the exact month I started going to these circles, but I believe it was around October last year[2020]. I was so nervous going to my first circle, but I knew instantly that it was exactly what my soul needed. It was exactly what I had been craving. I continue to go every month. I have met and connected with so many AMAZING women and have made friends! Going to these goddess circles has been so beneficial to my healing journey. Not only have I been able to connect with other women, I have also been able to connect with myself on a deeper soul level. I highly recommend attending if you can. If you feel called to connect on a deeper level with women and the Divine Feminine, this goddess circle is for you!

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