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Goddess Retreats

Our retreats are a full immersion experience of a Goddess circle. A longer, deeper, and more powerful event in spending the entire weekend together.

They include workshops, ceremonies, practices, and tools to integrate your experience of the retreat into your every day life.  


What happens at Retreats

We held our first retreat in June of 2021 and it was such a beautiful and empowering experience! We went up to a cabin in Kamas UT and had a total of 20 Goddesses including the Love Goddess Love hosts, and wow did we have such a blast! Each Goddess was able to go through an experience in their life that assisted them in creating shift in their lives. Everyone was able to relate to each other one way or another and create a deeper understanding of themselves.


Our retreats are 3-4 days and over the weekend. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get connected and vulnerable with ourselves and each other. I know that those words can be scary at times but I promise that the feeling of being encouraged by other powerful women through an experience is an amazing feeling. Attending one of our retreats will have you going home feeling connected to YOURSELF and LOVING ALL OF YOU!


Our intention is to have each Goddess look within themselves and find their own answers while sharing their experiences and perspectives. To have each woman know that they are not alone in their journey and they can look to others for assistance. To assist YOU in finding YOU. Our goal is to have you go home feeling like the Divine Goddess that you are, you deserve it! Which also means that you get to be committed to yourself and put in the work for YOU. I highly encourage you to be open to each process and activity at our retreats to get the most out of your experience. 


Would you like to join us for our next retreat? We would love to have you!

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