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A 4-Day Goddess Getaway

Park City, UT 
July 6-9th, 2023


Get ready for a Getaway.

What are you manifesting, magnetizing, & creating? 

This year, we are doing something that's never been done before. We are hosting a Love Goddess Love

Community Co-Creation Goddess Getaway. 

This means, you get to create with us what we will be doing for this retreat! 

As always, this Getaway will be full of:

  • Soul-level Connection

  • Sisterhood & a new tribe of women in your corner

  • Pushing new edges & comfort zones 

  • Growth, breakthroughs, & deep healing 

  • Letting out your WILD 

We will move, dance, and immerse ourselves in all of our yummy Divine Feminine Energy ✨

We will also rest, rejuvenate, & make time to PLAY.

Creating Sisterhood. A tribe like no other.

So many women have become disconnected from themselves and each other. We've got so caught up in the hustle-culture and playing overly-masculine roles in our lives. 

It's time to melt into and be held by the feminine.

The Goddess Getaway will be both healing and transformational.

You will ignite the fire and passion back into your life, your body, and your soul 

You will learn, grow, and maybe get a little out of your comfort zone.

But in doing so, you will be immersed and initiated into the woman, the Goddess, you truly are.

Join us for a 4-day Goddess Getaway in the beautiful mountains of Park City, UT.

Do you do something amazing that you would love to share at the Goddess Getaway?  

If you feel the call, you will have the opportunity to host your own (or co-host with another Goddess babe) workshop, women's circle, or process.

You may also have an opportunity to share your services at the Getaway.   

This is a beautiful opportunity for those who are calling forth spaces to grow and gain experience facilitating at events and retreats. 

The Energetic Exchange for facilitating a process: 

1- An opportunity to step into your Feminine Leadership 

2- The space and setting is provided for you  

3- A chance to be seen as a professional in your offer 

4- Gain experience as a retreat facilitator

5- Potentially attract new clients to work with after the retreat 

6- You'll receive a $50 Visa Card after the retreat 

Please note: Signing up to facilitate does NOT cover the cost of your spot for the retreat.

You will still pay for your spot.

We're calling in:

*Women's Circle Facilitators 

*Boudoir Photographers

*Yoga & breath-work practitioners

*Sound bowl healers


*LMT, Foot zoning, Reiki, & energy healers 

* And more! 

If you feel you have something that is in alignment with what we do at our retreats, we invite you to come share this space with us.

Slots we have available: 

(3) Morning grounding: Breath-work and/or movement 

(3) Women's Circle Facilitators 

(2) Boudoir Photographers 

(3) Open Process (1-2 hrs.)  

(2) Small-Group Process (~30-45 min with 6-9 women) 

Are you ready to step into your Feminine Leadership?

At the Getaway

Bonus Event
In June  2023 (TBD)

It can feel nerve-racking to think about a retreat full of women that you don't know. We totally get it. To begin creating connection, inclusiveness & a safe space, we host a meetup before the retreat! This event includes:

  • Review/ Co-create the Itinerary 

  • Getting to know you activites 

  • Carpool & Bed signups 

  • Q&A's 

The Goddess Experience



This getaway includes your stay for 4-Days/ 3-Nights.

  • The AirBnB is located in Park City, Utah

  • Hot tub 

  • You may have a Queen bed to yourself, share a Queen bed with another Goddess, or claim a sofa bed or air mattress. 

    • *This is dependent upon the order in which you have signed up.

    • ​​Bed-share requests are available!

  • Nearby lakes, mountains, and hiking trails​

Goddess Circles & Ceremonies 


Along with lodging, you will have access to all Goddess Circles and Ceremonies, which MAY include:

  • Opening & Closing Goddess Circles 

  • Reiki Healing Ceremony 

  • Cacao Ceremony 

Dining Packages
(Additional cost)


All meals- breakfast, lunch, dinner- as well as snacks and drinks, are NOT included in your ticket price. 

  • We will be offering meal packages for an additional cost (~$13 per meal)

  • Snack/drink packages will be available for an additional cost (more details to come) 

  • You get to decide how many meals you'd like to pay for 

  • You are welcome to bring your own meals for the entire stay (*Great option for those who have dietary restrictions, custom meal plans, or want to save $$) 

  • You are welcome to bring some of your own meals and pay for some meals

 Processes & Experiences


Along with lodging, you will have access to all processes and experiences, which MAY include:

  • A boudoir photoshoot 

  • Yoga

  • DRIPP - Sensual Yoga/movement 

  • Breath-work

  • Full Moon Dance Circle  

  • Hiking 

  • River rafting / Paddle Boarding

  • Yoni bathing 

  • Journaling & reflection 

  • Hot/Cold Plunge

Meet The Hosts

Love Goddess Love is a healing Goddess community where we host Goddess circles, workshops, and retreats. We are professionals at creating events that leave women feeling more empowered, connected, and loved.


L.G.L. is founded by four women; Angel Rico, Britney Jessup, Kimberly Rico & Sarahly Avilez in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


We discovered the magic that happens when women unite with purpose, intention, & authenticity. This life-changing discovery sent us down a path where we are now honored to share & teach this magical practice with the world. 


Kyla E.

This weekend has been everything and more than what I needed. I came in a scared, numb, and negative (towards myself) woman but leaving as a strong, powerful, amazing Goddess that I should be. I thank all the women who helped me through my journey and healing that I've needed and deserved.

Retreat Testimonials

Rhonda N.

There is an old would among women that we must compete with each other, compare ourselves and be jealous. Love Goddess Love has helped to open my heart to the fact that that is not our story. Therre is power in women. There is power in feminine collective. There is power in not letting your past hurts define your future. This is my place! This is home! This is my fucking tribe! The beauty can't be explained until youu give yourself the opportunity to see it, to feel it, to embody it, and to embrace all your magic and open yourself up tp receive everything you deserve.

Jennie E.

This was the first women's retreat I have ever attended. What an eye opening experience for me. The knowledge, love, and warmth by the hosts made it such an easy thing to step into. The quality of this retreat is like nothing else I have experienced or been a part of. 

I am truly amazed at the transformation that all of us experienced over the three short days. 

I whole heartedly recommend that anyone desiring to discover and hono who they really are should take the leap and attend this retreat - or any Love Goddess Love programs and circles. Thank you hosts - Blessings to all! 


Your Investment

Starting price at 


  • Payment plan is available 

  • The $160 deposit is non-refundable 

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