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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Co-Creation Getaway mean?

Love Goddess Love is all about the way of the feminine, matriarchy, and women empowerment. This year we decided to give all the attendees an opportunity to practice their gifts and feminine leadership in the safety that we create at our retreats! We do this and support women to do this at every circle we host. We are excited to do it on a larger retreat scale! 

What if I don't have anything to teach or lead? 

Then you are coming to receive which can be more important in this busy hustling world! We believe all women have wisdom and magic they can share but it doesn't mean you need to. Please listen to yourself in what you deserve at the retreat. 

Can I get any help with my activity, process, or workshop?

Yes! The four of us have been new at all of these things. We have loved getting to practice and hone our skills in safe places and we'd love to mentor as much or as little as you need. 

What pre-getaway meetups are planned?

We will have a meet-up in May for all the women who are faciliating at the getaway to plan who is doing what and when. Then we will have a meet-up in June for all the attendees to decide any extra things to do and what to eat. These will be recorded on zoom if you cannot make it live. 

What is included with the retreat?

Your ticket price includes all of your lodging, workshops and experiences for the weekend. 

Travel to and from the retreat is not included. Food is not included.

What food is available?

Food is not included to help us keep your ticket prices down and gives you freedom to cater or bring your own meals. We can cater any or all meals for $13 per meal. We can also contribute to supply weekend drinks and snacks. We will discuss this together in the June Virtual meeting. 

What time is check-in and check-out?

The official Check-in will be at 10 am on Friday, July 7th. Official Check-out will be at 6pm on Sunday, July 11th.

Thursday the 6th is a FREE no plans relaxation day where you can show up ANY time. We ask that all facilitators arrive on Thursday the 6th to prep.


You may also stay an extra night Sunday night if you'd like. Airbnb checkout is at 10am. 

Is there an age limit for this retreat?

For legal purposes, all goddesses attending this retreat must be 18 years of age or older. And there's no maximum age limit! All adult women will be celebrated. 

Will I be sharing a bed with someone?

Yes! We are hosting this retreat sister-style! Meaning you will be bed-sharing either with someone you know, or a sister you've just met! All the beds at the cabin are either King or Queen sized. 

What are the plans for the weekend?

We are planning the weekend with all the women volunteering to lead us in processes, activities, and workshops. We will have a better idea of the itinerary during our meetup in June and everyone is signed up. 

What do I need to bring?

We will send out a packing list as we get closer to the getaway that will include a complete list of what to bring. In general: Personal Items as needed, Journal & Pen, Yoga Mat, Camping Chair

Do I need to participate in everything. 

No, this is a getaway If you need alone time to relax and retreat privately you are encouraged to do so. We understand the empath's and introverts!  

Do you have a Covid Policy?

We are hosting this retreat for those who feel comfortable gathering and staying in a home with other women. We will not require a negative test to prove health before retreat. 

We will not be requiring face masks and encourage all women to make the choice that feels best to them, mask or no mask.

Do you have a Waitlist?

Yes, Once the retreat sells out we will open our waitlist and notify you if a spot becomes available. We will contact you in the same order of waitlist signups. 

Will you post or share my boudoir photos? 

You will have a seperate contract with a professional photographer if you choose to participate in the boudoir shoot. Love Goddess Love will not post any of those photos without you and photographer's approval after seeing the photo. 

Am I required to get naked at the retreat? 

Absolutely not! We will not peer pressure you into it either. Not everyone participated in the nude photos at the 2021 retreat. But the ones that did claimed it was an empowering and supportive experience. Every single women gave us consent repeatedly to use these beautiful photos online. The photographer has the ability and is willing to photoshop any person who wants to participate but doesn't want their photos online. We will ask for your consent because your privacy is what's most important to us. 

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