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You deserve a getaway! 

Come release, create, and Gather in meaningful sisterhood .

zLove Goddess Love

Available Payment Options

Payments are paid in full at registration or in four equal monthly payments.

Own Queen Bed
(1 Spot)

  • Paid in Full    $1,600 

  • Four payments of  $400                         

Shared Queen Bed
(5 Spots left)


  • Paid in Full  $800  

  • Four payments of   $200 

Sofa Bed

  • Paid in Full     $760  

  • Four payments of   $190                         

Air Mattress
1 Spot Left

  • Paid in Full   $735  

  • Four payments of $183.75                        

An invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours to pay after you have registered. You have 24 hours (within 48 hours of registration) to pay the invoice and secure your spot. 

 The recurring monthly due date will be the same date as your first payment. The remaining three payments will be automatically withdrawn. 

(Example: April 4th payment date will have 5/4/23, 6/4/23 and 7/4/23 Due dates)

Refund & Cancellation Policy Overview

  • There is a $160 non-refundable deposit from your first payment. 

  • You have a 3 day grace period effective immediately after registration payment.

  • No Refunds of any amount will be given on or after 5/8/2023.

  • You may transfer your ticket to another person without additional fees. We can connect you with people on the waitlist. 

Contact us at: if you have any questions.

Please Refer to Terms and Conditions for more details on: Refund policy, Cancellations, Payment Plan, Liability releases, & Data privacy protection

Please Refer to FAQ's for answers on: Nudity, Participation, Itinerary, Photo Sharing Privacy, & Covid

Let's Getaway!

I choose
I would like
Are you wanting to lead an activity or process at the getaway?
What do feel called to lead?

We can't wait to experience this with you! Your invoice will be sent soon!

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