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Register for our FREE Women's Circle Masterclass 

Nov. 14th @ 6PM (MST) 

Women's Circle Masterclass:  
How to Host your own Circle

Do you want to host your own women's circles, but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you have started but need more guidance?

We've got you covered in our FREE women's circle masterclass!


The Masterclass includes: 

  • What a women's circle is and the power & healing that lies within

  • Why NOW is the most important time to start a women's circle

  • Why YOU are the perfect person to start a women's circle

  • How to overcome your fears and challenges of hosting women's circles


As a gift for attending the masterclass you will receive a

FREE Women's Circle Blueprint 

for step-by-step instructions on hosting your very own circle!


Women's Circle Masterclass

Monday, November 14th at

6:00 PM (MST) via Zoom


Replay will be available afterwards.

Register Now!

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