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  The CreatrixesR



1. (rare) A female creator.

2.  A woman connected to her feminine powers to birth ideas, art, transformation, healing, and life.


Britney Jessup

Women Empowerment Mentor, Akashic Records Oracle, Womanhood Photographer, Circle Facilitator, & SAH Mom.

Britney's passion and life purpose is to support, teach, guide, & empower women.

She puts her heart & soul into creating safe sacred spaces. She uses photography as a tool in showing women the light and beauty she sees in them. 

She is passionate about bringing women together to connect, inspire, and heal with each other. 

Britney is a wife & the mother of 3 young boys who are constantly inspiring her to grow & become the most authentic version of herself. 

Sun: Cancer - Moon: Libra - Rising: Aquarius  

Human Design: Generator  


Kimberly Rico

Goddess Reiki Healer, Love Goddess Love Circle Facilitator, Intuitive Reader & Light Worker


Kim is a bringer of unconditional love & joy. She is compassionate and loving & she claims her Goddess self by doing so inspiring others to claim the same.


She shows courage by standing in her power and being the leader that she is in order to unite the women around her and create a sacred sisterhood. She is brave in her vulnerability & authenticity.


When she tunes into her intuition, she taps into wisdom far beyond her years so that she can assist in bringing healing to others. She is here to serve others all while serving herself & wants to show other women that it is okay to fill their own cups first.


As the Divine Feminine being that she is, she makes it easy to talk to and share your experiences with her, all while feeling loved and supported. She allows YOU to listen to what YOUR soul is speaking to you just by listening and holding space for you. The empathy she has for all beings is immeasurable.


Sarahly Avilez

Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM 

Sarahly is an empowering, inspiring, feminine embodying Goddess who is creating a change in the way women FEEL about themselves and each other. 

She is the grounding Earth sign of our Goddess circles. 

She is deeply rooted in her heart center so she can hold space for others with compassion & empathy and guide them to find their own answers from within. 

Sun: Virgo - Moon: Sagittarius - Rising: Capricorn  

Human Design: Manifesting Generator  


Angel Rico

Certified Dharma Coach, Woman Empowerment Mentor, Circle Facilitator, & Light worker


Angel is passionate about women coming together to heal, grow, and embrace their beautiful goddess energy! Women are some of the most powerful creatures on earth & she wants all women to know how to find their magic within. 


She loves holding a sacred space for women to come & be their true authentic selves. Her warm energy and pure heart let you know that you are right at home when you are with us. 


As a mother, wife, sister, & friend she is the perfect woman to show up for you! She is a natural leader in everything she does. Her commitment to growth is limitless. 

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